The Benefits of the Camping Experience

“Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.”

Healed? How can a child be healed at camp?

Often kids with special needs come to camp carrying a lot of self pity or bitterness or anger or sadness and loneliness. Spending several days with other kids who everyday face the same challenges that they face can truly heal. Usually that healing is lasting. So often campers will say that camp is the best part of their year, something they look forward to with eagerness, excitement and gratitude.

Being part of a camp will increase confidence and independence. The many planned activities are great for needed exercise and at encouraging imagination, learning and adventure.

Campers develop friendships and build relationships both with other campers and with caring counselors.

Parents and families back home often need and greatly appreciate this time.

Though a medical camp must include nurses and doctors to care for the campers medical needs, at camp those nurses and doctors also get to play. Campers have the opportunity to truly enjoy being with the same professionals who often must administer painful procedures.

No, camp can’t heal blind eyes or cancer or muscular dystrophy, but isn't an attitude healing a greater miracle.