Volunteers will be an important part in the success of Mississippi’s Toughest Kids. Through caring people like you, MTK will become a reality that will positively impact the lives of thousands of children and adults.

Friends of MTK
Friends of MTK is a group of volunteers in the Crystal Springs area which meets monthly to work on fund raisers for the foundation. Their goal is to plan "FUN raisers" and are doing a really good job. Anyone interested in starting a similar group where you live, please contact our office for more information.

At the office
At this time we have a part-time employee. In time we will need to hire a camp director, fundraiser, and full-time office staff. Many times there will be large mailings to get out, thank you letters to write, calls to be made, etc. We are also forming committees to help plan fundraisers, ways to “spread the word”, design the facility and the programing. Call us when you have some time and/or if you’d like to serve on a committee. You can usually find me (Mary) in the office 601.892.1117. If you can’t reach anyone, please call my cell phone 601.750.3457 or try our email at 

We anticipate spending approximately $17 million to build our camp. If you have an inside track to a company or individual that might donate, we’d REALLY appreciate your help.

If you belong to a group that often sponsors nonprofit groups and could arrange for us to come speak to the group, we’d like very much to do that.

If you or your group would be interested in sponsoring a fundraiser, we’d be delighted to work with you. If you need ideas, we have learned of some great fundraising ideas from camps in nearby states.

Donations can, of course, be made directly to MTK Foundation. Perhaps you’d like to make a donation in honor of someone you know who will be a camper. Maybe you’d like to give a gift in memory of someone special in your life. We have donation cards we’d be glad to send you, just email your request (
mtk@mtkfound.com), call us at 601.892.1117 or write to Mississippi’s Toughest Kids Foundation, PO Box 520, Crystal Springs, MS 39059. You can make your tax deductable check out to MTK Foundation.

Spread the Word
It is so important that Mississippians know what we are doing. We have brochures that we’d love to mail you in order for you to give them out to friends. Of course, we’d love to come ourselves and share our plans with you and your group.