$25,000 +

Barrett, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Pat (Janice)                               EMC Workers Comp. Group

Butler, Snow, Omara, Stevens
Kitchens, Justice and Mrs. Jim (Mary)
Parker, Mrs. Zeita
Parker Lifeshare Foundation/Matt Holleman

State of Mississippi

​Dean and Dean Associates

Delta Bank
Diaz, Honorable Gerald Joseph(Joey)
Drew, Mr. and Mrs. David (Laurie)
Druetta, Mr. and Mrs. Jay (Margaret)
Dufrene, Dr. Wanda
Evans, Dr. Owen Bev. (Lynn)
Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Ted (Karla)
Evans, Mr. Eric
Evans, Terry 
Fairly, Mrs. Daniel H.
Fulon Volunteer Fire Dept
Gannaway, Dr. and Mrs. Robert (Susan)
Gatewood, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin (Brandi)
Gibson, Mr. Dan
Gold, Cecilia
Grissom, Mrs. Keena
Heard, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest (Swan Choo)
Hood, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll V. (Elizabeth)
Jackson Optimist Club
Jackson, Mrs. Waudean
Jones Mrs. Sandy Scott 
Jones, Sheriff and Mrs. Harold (Jerri)
Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Steven (Bonnie)
Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Gresham (Lisa)
Kellems, Mr. and Mrs. Brady (Gloria)
King, Justice and Mrs. Leslie (Patricia)
Kitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Matt (Cassie)
Kitchens, Mrs. L.W.
Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff (Betty)
Lamar, Mr. and Mrs. John T. (Ann)
Laurel Christian School
Lococo, Virginia
Long, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry

​Lord, Mr. and Mrs. David (Dana)


​$250 - $499

​27-55 Fuel Plaza, LLC

Air Handlers, Inc. / Robert Huse
B&C Auto Supply / Billy Pitts, Jr.
Bahadur, Dr. Rainna P.
BancorpSouth / Ric Williams
Beasley, Mr. and Mrs. Mike (Janet)
Berry, Mr. & Mrs. Roger (Renee)

Blocker, Perry G.
Braddock, Gerald T.
Branning, Rev. and Mrs. John (Tracie)
Brehm T. Bell

Brent, Mr. and Mrs. James (Iris)
Brewer, Mrs. Cynthia
Bryan Nelson, P.A.
Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy (Mae)
Butler, Mrs. Wilda
Cassard, W. Thomas
Check into Cash / Meredith Broyles
Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Joel (Toni)
Clower, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Pat)
Compretta, Hon. J.P.
Conn, Mr. and Mrs. Keith(Janna)
Conn, Mr. James
Conn, Ms. Chris
Cooper, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William (Gayle)
Crystal Springs Lions Club--Sherry Sprouse
Cupit, Esq., Danny
Dancel Group, Inc. / Celeste O'Keefe
Daugherty, Mrs. Dorothy

Dean and Dean Associates
Dickey, Dr. Sharon
Edward A. Williamson, P.A.
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan
Elliott, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John (Shannon)
Ellis, David
Ellis, Robert


Estess, Claire
Evans Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee (Judy)
Fanning, Patti
Finch, Alex c/o Mercy House
Fisch, Mrs. Barbara
Frascogna Courtney, PLLC
Galyon, David Glen
Garland, Mr. and Mrs. Gates (Sally)

Graham, Cherry Berry
Green/Marlow Merchantile
Griffin, Mr. John
Harkider 5 Properties
Herman, Barbara K.

​Hickory Ridge Church

Hood, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Earlene)
Hood, Mr. and Mrs. Perry V. (Linda)
Howell, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. (Carolyn)
Hughs, Daniel
Hurt, Dr. or Mrs. Vernon G.

Irby Construction Co.
Izard, Mrs. (W.H.) Betty Klumb

Jessup, Paula

​Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie (Sue)
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne (Linda)
Joseph, Dr. and Mrs. Richard (Kathleen)
Kobs & Philley, PLLC / Jared Kobs

Herman, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen (Karen)
Hillier, Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. (Billie Kay)

Jackson Union of Disc Golf Enthusiasts / Rev. Rick Sawyer
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (Sherry)

Irby Electrical
Kitchens Law Firm
Lane, Mrs. Sherra S.
Langley, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (Janet)

Marx, Mr. and Mrs. George (Diane)
Mercy House Teen Challenge

Mohawk, Mr. and Mrs. Jason (Tanya)
NAPA Auto Parts of C.S. /Mrs.  J.C Burns
Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc. / Shannon Phillips
Nutt, Ms. Jessi
Pickett, Mr. and Mrs. James (Linda)

Powe, Mrs. Gaye
Pullen, Dr. Jeanette
Quinn, Mrs. Bobbie

Regions Bank
Skinners Chevrolet Buick GMC Trucks, Inc.
Sojourner, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne (Susie)

Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Lee (Eva)
Tillman, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne (Emma)

Touchstone, Mrs. Mary
Waddell, Mr. and Mrs. James (Tomo)

WGK, Inc.
Wilson, Mrs. Raye Jean

$10,000 - $24,999

​ABB Foundation

Boutwell, Lydia
Carney, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Joyce)
Copiah Bank
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Janet)
Ervin, Dr. and Mrs. James (Joan)
Gwaltney, Mr. and Mrs. John (Laurie)
Hinton, Ardell 
Horton, Rev. and Mrs. Gene (Leslie)
Iyer, MD, Rathi

Jackson Optimist Club

Minor, Mr. and Mrs. Doug (Debbie)
McNeely Platic Products / Shannon Watts
Mississippi College School of Law
Ogden, James Ashley
Platt, Mrs. Gaye Powe
Sojourner, Mrs. Charlie (Bobbie)
Touchstone, Susan

Trustmark National Bank
Woodmen of the World

Building a camp facility for children and adults with special needs.

$5,000 - $9,999

​Broadwater, Mr. James

Cobank (Allison Dunn)
Copiah Educational Foundation, Inc / Paul Hayles
Didlake, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Ralph (Millie)
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (Faye)
Grillot, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Judy)
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. John (Glenda)

Herman, Hon. and Mrs. Russ (Sandra)
IP Mississippi Charities, LLC
K T Holding Company
Kitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Dan (Mollie)
Powell, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. H.T. (Nancy Olson)
Pyron, Mr. and Mrs. Craig (Courtney)
Riverside Insurance Agency, Inc. / Elaine Stewart

Spicer, Mrs. Rebecca

Watson, Julia

Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. David (Ruth)
Young, Mrs. Arthur (Mary Evelyn)

$2,500 - $4,999

​​Acy, Jared

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. John (Sarah)
Bank of the South / Rita Moak
Bishop, Tony Joe  (TNT)
Blaylock, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy (Aimee)
Brooking, Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Patsy)
Budhraja and Family, Mr. Amit
Butler, Snow LLP

​Calloway, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Inza)

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Monty (Susan)
Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly (Robin)
Casey Family Programs
Century Club Charaties
Cline, Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Betty)
Clinton Public School District / Meagan Berry
Connor, Mrs. Mary Emily
Copiah Medical Associates, LLP
Coxwell, Merrida
Deaton, Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Jennifer)
Garner, Mr. and Mrs. H. R.(Randy and Lottie Lou)
Green Brothers Gravel Co., Inc.

Guynes, Mr. and Mrs. Gary (Debbie)
Haggan, Mrs. Martha
Hailey,  Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Rich 
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Yogi (Carolyn) Harris Ins. Agency

$500 - $999

​Adcock & Morrison, PLLC / Ken Adcock
Arthur, Mr. Brannon
Beazley, Mr. and Mrs. Don (Nancy)
Bell, Esq., Brehm T.
Berry, Renee H.
Bobbitt, Ms. Linda
Bridges, Judge Billy(Sandra)
Byram Business Association, Inc.
Carpenter, Mrs. Joy
Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A.(Rogen H,)
Clay, Jr., Mr. and  Mrs. William (Suzanne)
Crews, Mr. and Mrs. James (Patsy)
Crystal Car Care, Inc. / John Barnes
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Sue)
Donahoe, Mr. and Mrs. Andy (Debbie)
Easely Amused

Eaves, John Arthur
Entrekin, Esq., Romney
Farrior, Mrs. Sadie
Ferrara Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Mike (Penny)
Gabardi, Mr. Curt
Gallman, Gale

​Garner & Garner, Attorneys

Giddens, John PA
Grillot, Barbara

Gulledge, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry (Ann)
Hobbs, Mrs. Janet
Holt, Mrs. Ouida
Hust, Beverly
Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll (Annelle)

James E. Fowler Family Foundation
Joe McGee Construction Co, Inc.

Jones, Barbara and Richard (sister and brother)
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Marilyn)
Joy SS Class (Mary Weems)
Junior Auxiliary of Brookhaven
Kennedy, Mr. Billy

Khalaf & Nguyen, PLLC
Kitchens, Mr. and Mrs. John (Jessica)
Kitchens, Mrs. Connie Coit
Lacey, Mr. and Mrs. Ed (Hilda)
Landers, Dr. and Mrs. Stephen (Elizabeth)
Luter, George S.

​Magnolia Forest Products, Inc. / Dennis Berry


Madison Polymer Additives, Inc. / Mike Buckles

Martin, Jerlene
Martin, Mrs. Paula Ann
Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie (Libby)
McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie (Lucy)
McCoy, Adren
McDowell, Suzie

McGehee, Mr. and Mrs. Bob (Bonnie)
Method  In Madness, LLC
Miller, Dr. Laura J.
Milner, Mr. and Mrs. Don (Linda)
Mitchell, Esq., Cynthia

Mr. and Mrs. Bob McGehee (Bonnie)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barnett (Jennifer)
Myers, Mrs. Rebecca
Newk's Express Café
Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Mark (Ashley)
Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Pat)
Peyton, Father Lee

Pine Bluff Baptist Church
Pino, Mr. David
Pitre, Mr. and Mrs. David (Laurie)
Pittman, Hon. and Mrs. Crymes G. (Ashley)

Porsche of Jackson
Price,  Dr. Christopher and Donald
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Betty)
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Daisy)
Puryear, III, Mrs. Lamar (Shelia)
Reeves, Jim Esquire
Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Becky)

Restoration Church
Richards, Mattie

Rigby, Mrs. Carol

Rosenblatt, Dean James
Rotary Club of Brookhaven Lincoln County
Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley (Jeanie)

Sanford-Givens, Cheryl
Schwartz, Esq., Richard
Shah, Esq., Azki
Shudak, Melisa Rae

Silas, Evelyn H.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice (Mary Gail)
Sojourner, Mrs. John (Anne)
Stamps, Debra Sturgis
Stan King GM Superstore / Paxton King
Starrett, Judge and Mrs. Keith (Barbara)
Stentiford, Adrienne

​Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. John (Lisa)

The Koerber Co., P.A./Jim Koerber
Thompson, Dr. and Mrs. Warren (Marilyn)
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. John T. (Dianne)

Tillman, Jayne

Underhill, Martha
Upton, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Michelle)

Waddell, James
Walters, Mrs. Nell
Williams, Allen
Wilson, Jr.Mrs. Jack (Michelle) / Wilson's Meat House, Inc.
Wilson, Mrs. M.L. (Shirley)
Wright, Dr. and Mrs. Scott
Yeldell, James Andrew & Rebekah


$1,000 - $2,499

​Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Karen)

Albritton, Mr. and Mrs. Starke (Sharon)
Albritton, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Stacey)
Alston, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Alex (Sarah Jane)
American Legion Riders, Post #112
Atmos Energy

Bailey, Ron
Barfield, Mr. Jim
Barlow, Mary Lou
Barnes, Mrs. Sara
Barrington, Mr. and Mrs. Brad (Brittany)
Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy (Alison)
Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Joel (Barbara)
Berch, Mrs. Marcelle

Blain, Walter W., Jr.
Bowie, Rev. and Mrs. John (Gladys)
Bozeman, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Becky)
Brame, Esq., Thomas (Missy)
Brewer, Judith Randall
Brister, Mr. and Mrs. Andy (Laurie)
Brister, Mr. and Mrs. Joe (Becky)
Brookhaven Servitium Club -- Brad Boerner, Esq
Burney, Mr. Ben
Bush, Sr., Mr. Archie

Canfor Southern Pine
Channell & Sons A/C & Heating, Inc / Terry Channell
Channell, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie
Chase, Mr. Dean H.
Chautauqua Bike Rally
City Drugs of Crystal Springs
City of Horn Lake
Cohn, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie (Jan)

Copiah Educational Foundation--Class of 2018

Copiah Educational Foundation--Class of 2020
Copiah-Lincoln Community College- PTK Club
Cracken, Esq., John R.W.
Crystal Springs Hardware /Linda Pickett
Cusimano, Mr. and Mrs. Greg (Alice)

Marler, Mr. and Mrs. Mike (Suzanne)
Marshall, Polly
Matrix Marketing, Inc. / Michael Lenoir
MCEC/Families First
McRae, Esq., Chuck
Miley, Mrs. Dee
Mullis, Mrs. Bonnie
Nester, Mr. and Mrs. Steven (Kathy)

Newman, Sells J., Jr.

Nichols, Mrs. Nick (Hazel)
Nutt, Mr. and Mrs. Lee O. (Teresa)

O'Bryant, Nancy
O'Connor, Teresa A.
Odom, Renee'

Pitts, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon (Bonnie)

Puckett, Mr. and Mrs. William (Becky)
Rhinehart, Becky
Rials, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy (Cynthia)

Ringler Assocites Metairie, LLC
Schell, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
Schwartz, Scott

Sessums Dallas, PLLC / Lisa Dallas
Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Jim (Sherry)
Sheble, Jim and Patti

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. William (Amy)
Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Velma)
Sledge, Jr., Mrs. James (Betty)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley (Nena)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Victor (Linda)
Sojourner Trucking Co., Inc.

Southwest Mississippi Electric Power Co.
Starks Family Resturant
Stockett, Mr. Richard

Strittman, Tina
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie (Lou Ann)
Taylor, Mr. Jimmy

The Dick Molpus Foundation

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. David (Anna)
Thornton, Mr. and Mrs. Warren (Rebecca)

​Titus, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Kim)

Torrey, Mr. and Mrs. Rowan (Brenda)
Touchstone, Linda
Varas, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. (Joyce)

Waddell, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy (Cheryl)
Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Mary)
West Jones High School /  Mr. Randy Cooley

White Oak Baptist Church
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar (Johnnie)
Winter, Governor and Mrs. William 
Woodard, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy (Marilyn)

​L & M Jones Trucking, LLC

​Lampton, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley (Margaret)

Langston, Mr. and Mrs. Shane (Rebecca)
Lenoir, Mike (Matrix Marketing))
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Jim (Robin)
Lewis, Mrs. Erma Deen

Liddell, Linda

Mason, Mr. and Mrs. S.J.
Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. David (Crystal)
McCaffery, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (Barbara)

McCain, J.M.
McCain, Ms. Jeannie Conn
McCoy, Mary Dell
McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Billy (Monta)
McDonnell, Dr. Fred J. (Barbara)

​McKinley, Martha W.

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy
Mississippi Association for Justice
Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Nick (Beth)
New Zion Methodist Church
Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Kent (Pharis)
North Jackson Madison Kiwanis Club
Owen,  Mr. and Mrs.David (Renee)
Pappas Pizza Pi, Inc.
Pay Pros of MS, Inc.
Perkins, Mr. Robert
Phillips, Katherine Pauline
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church

Pine Bluff Baptist Church
Pittman, Germany, Roberts & Welsh, LLP

Pitts, Mr. and Mrs. Greg

PriortyOne Bank
Quantum Process / Davy Keith
Quota International of Jackson
Rawls, Mr. & Mrs. Jim
Renasant Bank

Robinson, Estelle
Robinson, Mr. Bobby D.
Rogel, Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Lesa)
Rogers, Mr. Malcolm

Rushton, Barbara
Sallis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Harrylyn)
Salvant, Mrs. Dorothy

Sears, Lonnie and Ila J.
Shannon, Ann
Shotts, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Silbert, Garon, Pitre & Friedman
Slay, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (Michelle)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Patti)
Starkville Pediatric Clinic
Stevens, Mr. John H.
The Tylertown Times / Carolyn Dillon
Upton, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. (Lennie Gale)
VanZandt, Mrs. Carolyn Godard 
Waller, Jr., Justice and Mrs. William (Charlotte)
Walters, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (Cathy)
White, Mr. Glenn
Wilkins, Robert F. Esq
Woodrow, Joey

Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Kerri)
Sasser, Mr. and Mrs. Marty (Lauren)
Schauwacker, Roy
Schull, Dorothy and Mark
Schull, Elizabeth
Segrest, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff (Sue)
Sessums, Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Trina)

Shannon Law Firm, PLLC
Sheppard, David and Lane
Shoemake, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Short, Donna Reese
Sikes, Mr. Glenn (Faith)
Sills, Chris
Silver Cross

Slay, Danny/Ms. Street Rod Association
Simmons, Melinda
Simon, Bubby

Simply U
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. James (Ruby)

Sims, Dianne
Sims, Danny
Singletary, Dr. and Mrs. Albert (Laurie)
Singleton, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Misty)
Smith, Angela
Smith, Brandi
Smith, Carolyn
Smith, Gail

Smith, Jonathan
Smith, Marie S.

Smith, Marilyn
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Doug (Sally)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Gene (Amy)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff (Gigi)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ricky (Kimberly)
Smith, Mr. Robert H.
Smith, Stephen Blake
Smyrna Baptist Church
Sneddon, Mrs. Ellen
Sojourner, Jennifer
Sonshine Sunday School Class
Southern Tire Mart, LLC

Spencer, James
Sprouse, Mr. and Mrs. David (Sherrie)
Stallings, Mr. and Mrs. George B. (Nancy)
Steingruber, Sue
Stevens & Ward, PA
Stevens, Lance L.
Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. (Edna)

​Stovall, Kathleen E.

Stribling, Dr. and Mrs. Kent (Mitzi)
Stribling, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Debra)
Stricklin, Mr. and Mrs. Basil (Joyce)

Stringer, Tamara

Strittman, Sherry and Dean
Stutzman, Mrs. Becky
Summers, Susan
Sunsmita FV. Parikh and Dr. Kyrsh Bhansal
Swinney, Stacy

Tanner, Kathryn W.
Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Donna)
Taylor, Mrs. Catherine
Taylor, Vivian
Teasley, Mr. and Mrs. David (Sharon)
Terrill, Mr. and Mrs. Don

Terry, Mr. and Mrs. Jim (Linda)
Thompson, Emily
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Mike (Judy)
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Marvel)
Thompson, Mrs. Cheryl

Thompson, Virginia D.
Thornton Timber, LLC
Thornton, Mrs. Gladys Marie
Tibbs, III, M.D., Robert C.
Tillman, Mr. and Mrs. Herman (Shirley)

Tooke, Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. ( Pamela)
Touchstone, Charles
Townes, Bertha
Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell (Debbie)
Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Myrna)
Traxler, Kristen
Traxler, Martha
Turbville, Mr. and Mrs. Ken (Diane)
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight (Ruth)
Turner, Theresa A.
Ulland, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond (Ginny)
Underwood, Stacey
Upton, Mr. and Mrs. Kerry (Susan)
US Community Credit Union
Vallotton, William
VFM Auxiliary, 2539 / Sue Richard
Vinson, Marguerite H.
Wade, Mrs. Elise
Wagner, Bill
Wakefield, Mr. and Mrs. Mark (Carolyn)
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy (Marna)
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Ricky (Angel)
Walker, Regina
Walking Upright Ministries
Walters, Wendy
Waltman, Mr. and Mrs. Tony (Kathleen)
Walton, Mr. and Mrs. John (Edwina)
Warren, Kaye
Warvill, Pat
Watkins, Montell Ms.
Watkins, Mrs. Sylvia
Watson, Percy
Weathersby, Mr. and Mrs. Larry
Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (Debbie)
Webber, Diane Kathleen
Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Rick (Ann) / Key, LLC
Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Joe (Carol)
Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon (Maxine)
Welcome Neighbor Club-Monika Knepper

West, Walter
Whittington, Mr. and Mrs. James (Julia)
Whittington, Mr. Ronald L.
Whittington, Whitney
Williams, Christine
Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Dale (Laurie)
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. David Ray (Jennifer)
Williamson-Bunyard, Sandra

Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (Celeste)

Willoughby, Wayne
Wilson, Amanda
Wilson, Clinton Aaron
Wilson, Connie
Wilson, Esq., Rhonda Hill
Wilson, III, Mr. and Mrs. W. Roberts (Frankie)
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob (Mary)
Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney

Wimberly, Cynda
Women of Faith Ministries / Shelly Roberts
Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Jennifer)
Woosley, Jane / McAllister, Pat
Wooten, Mr. and Mrs. Jay (Kylie)
Wray, Mr. Gary D.
Wright, Martha
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Amy)
Yates, Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Mary Ann)
Yekaitis, Robin
Young,  Bertie Mae
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Burt (Brenda)

Young, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (Linda)
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Lynn)
Youngblood, Jerry
Your Cause
Zeigler, Debbie

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Bridget)

Letourneau Family Trust
Lieberman, Stacie

Liddell, Linda
Lightsey, Yvonne
Lin, Dr. Rick  
Lisk, Mr. and Mrs. William (Ann)
Litchfield, Lucille
Little, Esther 
Little, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy (Joy)

Long, Cynthia
Lopez, Miss Isabella

Loups, Mr. and Mrs. C.J.
Madden, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley (Tamra)
Malone, Douglas
Manarey, Ron
Maner, Mr. and Mrs. Terry (Dana)
Manley, Amy
Marler, Mr. and Mrs. Ray (Sharon)
Martin, Dianne
Martin, Dr. and Mrs. Craig (Amy)
Martin, Michael A. & Olivia W.

Martin, Nat
Martin, Paula
Masa, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest (Pam)
Massey, Cath
Mattingly, Mr. and Mrs. John (Jennifer)

Maxwell, Barry L.
Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick (Mona)
May, Jr., DMD,  George
May, Mrs. Dianne

McAlpine, Sandy
McCain, J. M. 
McCain, Mrs. Beth

McCain, Mrs. Jean
McCarthy, Debra
McCormick, Carrie
McDonald, Mrs. Martha
McElveen, Mr. and Mrs. Doug (Rita)
McGehee, Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Teri)
McGuffie, Mandy
McHard & Associates, PLLC

McKay, Brandon
McLendon, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Elaine)
McNeill, Mary Ann
Meador, Kay Lynn
Medina, Christian
Meinzinger, Pamela
Merchant, Mr. and Mrs. Carl

Mercier, Mr. and Mrs. Gerorge (Dorothy)
Merkel, III, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Middleton, Esq., Richard
Miller & White Incorporated
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Glen (Mary Helen)

Miller, Patricia
Mills Law Firm
Mills, Mrs. Alysson L.
Mississippi Marine of Brookhaven

Mississippi Society for Disabilities
Mitchell, Annie
Mitchell, Betty
Mitchell, Brenda
Mize, Mr. and Mrs. Leland (Mandy)
Mize, Mrs. Kyle
Moak, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Rita)
Monk, Mr. and Mrs. Tony (Pat)
Montalbano, Mrs. Cynthia 
Moore, Dorothy
Morgan, Cindy

Morgan, Sharon
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie
Moulder, Jennifer
Moulder, Tim
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Barrie(Shauna)

MS Bonding Company
Mullins, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff (Tammy)
Mullis, Avis
Mullis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Munn, Mrs. Elise
Myers, Dr. and Mrs. Don (Charlotte)
Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Sammy (Ruby)
Napoli, Mrs. Peggy B

National Electric & Motor Supply Co.
Neilson, Mrs. Betty
Nettles, Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie (Rosie)
Nicols, Dr. Lee M.

Norris, Janet
Norwood, Sr. Marcus D.
Ockman, Mozella
O'Keefe, Daniel and Celeste
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Jason (Sarah)
O'Malley, Todd J.
Orgeron, Amanda
Osborne, Mr. Curtis
Osborne, Mrs. Yvonne
Ott, John H.

Pace, Jimmy
Paes, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan
Palanca, Janice Y
Papizan, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (DeAnne)

Parker, Helen W. or Richard
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (Sarah)
Patten, Judge and Mrs. Ed (Jaqui)
Paul & Theresa Graham
Peskin, Stephan H.
Peters, Ceejaye
Pevey, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Kay)
Philadelphia Baptist Church
Philadelphia Motor Co., Inc.
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Vera)
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Kristine)
Pickard, Judge and Mrs. Lamar (Marsha)
Pigott, Judge Joe 
Pigott, Mr. and Mrs. Brad (Margaret)

Piney Woods School
Piscitelli, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.

Pisgah United Methodist Church Women
Pitts,Mr. and Mrs. Mack (Katie)
Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church

Poole, Carol S.
Poplar Springs Cemetary

Prestridge, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy
Prestridge, Mr. James
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Doug (Ginny)

Price, Mrs. Virginia
Prince, Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. (Ellen)

Prosser, Dr. and Mrs. Sidney
Prine, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis (Ann)
Ramsey, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (Vicki)
Rast, Jane H.
Ray, Samuel T.
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Don (Jeanne)
Reinert, Kay
Rials, Lisa W.
Richardson, June
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Richie (Tina)
Rielley,III, Mr. Walter J. (Terri)
Rigney, Mr. James
Roberson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom (Leah)
Roberts, Wendy

Robinson, Calvin
Robinson, Mrs. Linda
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Dan (Sharon)
Romano, Beba
Romano, Mrs. Nancy
Rone, Dr. Robert
Rotellini, Renate
Rowlett, Kathy
Royals, III, Mr. and Mrs. James (Marilyn)

Rushing, Dina ( Mrs. Raymond)
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff (Linda)
Rutledge, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin (Mary)

Salvant, Dorothy

​​​$5 - $249                                                     

Adams, Monica
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry  (Bernardine)
Aherin, Mr. Darrel W.
Ainsworth, R.

Alexander, Dr. William
Alliston, Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss (Ilene)
Al-Turk, Mr. and Mrs. Emad (Karen)
Anderson, Ms. Stephanie

Arrington, Mr. and Mrs. Lamar (Janice)
Arturo's Mexican Rest.
Atkinson.Esq. Linda
Baker, Frances(Michael)(Michele)
Baria, Esq., David
Barlow, Stephanie
Barnes, Mrs. Sharon
Barnhart, Mary
Batton, Miss Brittney
Baylot, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.
Bearden, Mr. D.N.
Berch, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Gwen)
Berch, Mr. Billy
Berke, Honorable Ronald
Berlin, Mrs. Paul(Janice)
Berry & Munn, P. A.
Berry, Betty Jo

Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Berry, Mr. and  Mrs. Greg (Lisa)
Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Randy (Paula)
Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Shannon (Charity)
Berry, Ola
Berry, Peggye
Bishop, James
Blair, Stormy / Brown & Brown
Blakeney, Mr. Ray
Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. Doug (Leslie)
Blankenship, Rev. Darrel
Blaylock, Mr. and Mrs. Sonny (Mary)
Blocker, Perry G.

BNP Marketing
Bolar, Mr. and Mrs. Lemarr (Charlotte)

Boleware, Rebecca
Bond & Benoist Court Reporting
Boutwell, Lydia
Boykin, Mr. and Mrs. Billy (Lynn)
Bozeman, Mr. and Mrs. Willie (Stephanie)
Bradley, Avant,Boult, Cummings, LLP

Branch, Beverly
Brando's Tobacco & Beverage
Brasher, Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Ann)

Braverman, Fern
Brister, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Freddie (Carolyn)
Brister, Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Renee)
Brock, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Brock, Mrs. Eloise S.
Broderick, Nicolette
Bross, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Marvene)
Brown, Esq., Michael
Brown, Karen C.
Brown, Mrs. Glenna
Brumfield, Mrs. Doris
Brunt, Mr. and Mrs. David (Amy)
Bryant, Gov. and Mrs. Phil (Deborah)
Bryant, Rebecca
Buckley, Mr. and Mrs. Ben (Janice)
Buie, Rebecca
Bullock, Mrs. Kellye

Burke, Dr. Amanda
Burks, Mr.and Mrs.Jack, Jr.
Burnside, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Peggy)

Buroughs, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Eileen)
Bush, Patsy A.
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Russell (Judy)
Butler, Zakia H.
Byrd, Mr. Karl
C.S. Trucking I, L.P.
Caldwell, Mary A.
Campbell, Sandy
Canady, Mary A.
Carlson, Justice and Mrs. George (Jane)
Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Gary (Tris)

Carson Law Group, PLLC

Cartwright Estate Liquidations Inc.
Casnel, Sherry

Central MS Antique Furniture
Channell, Mr. and Mrs. James
Chapman, Mrs. Dee
Chassaniol, Lydia
Chatham, Judge and Mrs. Gerald
Cherokee Rose Chapter DAR / Carol Rigby
Clark, Mrs. Stephanie
Cliett, Juliet
Cline, Mr. and Mrs. Scotty (Mitzi)
Cobb, Esq., David L.
Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (Lisa)
Coleman, Elizabeth

Coleman, Marimae
Coley, Carolyn
Cook, Susan
Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Randy (Angela)

Conn, James Trustee
Cooper, Amy
Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Danny (Jan)
Copiah Chancery Clearing Account

Copiah-Lincoln Workforce Ed Center

Core Training Programs/ Stephanie Welch
Courtney, Mr. and Mrs. Rick (Ruthie)

Courtney Elder Law Associates

Cowart, Jo

Cox, Tommy
Cravey, Ms. Maggie
Crechales, Bob
Crews, Mr. and Mrs. Ford (Melody)
Crews, Mrs. Edna Earle

Crotwell, Linda
Crout, Jeffrey
Crystal Springs Recycling
CS United Methodist Church
CS United Methodist Church-Ladies Discussion  Class
CS Volunteer Fire Dept.
Cupples, Brett
Curtis, Cassity
Curtis, Lee and Christy
Curtis, Sid, Jr.
Custom Call Center, LLC
Dabney, Mr. and Mrs. William
Damare, Mary Lynn
Dance, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford
Davis, Billie S.
Davis, Hon. and Mrs. Robert T. (Katie)
Davis, J. Todd
Davis, Lori Dell
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Holyn)

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Davis, Rev. Randy
Davis, Robert T. Esq.
Day, Mr. and Mrs. John(Debbie)
De Rossette, Wallace
Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Jerelyn)
Dendy, Mrs. Carol H.
Dick Molpus Foundation

Dier, Kathy and Mickey
Digitec, Inc
Dill, Stacy
Dionne, Rebecca
Diversified Auctions, LLC

Dixon, Mrs. Ida
Duddleston, Eileen H.
Dufresne, Barbara

Dufresne, Mrs. Earline

Dunnavant, Ann
Eady, Ronda
Eckerson, Mr. and Mrs. Clay (Jennifer)
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. John (Dorothy)

Elam, Charles

Ellis, Kathy
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Dan (Ann)
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Jennifer)

Emfinger, Ralph and Ramona
Emmerich Newspapers, Inc

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Don (Connie)
Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Tay (Dot)

​Fallin, Makinlee
Farese, Hon. Steve
Farmer, Amanda
Farris,Esq., Tim
Ferraez, Jace
Ferraro, Stacy
Fidelis Sunday School Class-New Zion Baptist Church               
Fielder, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (Sheila)

Fielder, Danny

Finch, Suzy
Fine Arts Club
Fink, Natasha
Finley, Mrs. Christina
Fontan, Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Amy)
Foreman, Mr. Clarence E.
Fortenberry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Patricia)
Franklin, Cynthia
Freeman, Susan S.
Friedlander, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Melody)
Fryant, Mrs. Thelma
Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. James (Lonita)
Fulton, Mrs. Cherry
Gaddy, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Shari)
Gamblin, Mr. and Mrs. Marty (Cherie)
Gilreath, Esq., Sidney
Gleason, Don
Glover, Mrs. Dianne
Goza, Mr. and Mrs. Terry (Toni)
Grace, Nancy Butler
Graham, Judy
Granberry, Erin
Grantham, Mr. and Mrs. Keith (Lisa)
Graves, Dr. White S.
Gray, LaQueta
Gray, Mrs. Donna

Green, Leah A.
Greer, Angela
Greer, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Angie)
Greer, Rev. and Mrs. Samuel (Tonya)
Gresback, Esq., Tim
Grogan, Angela
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Graham (Linda)
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Sam (Tara)
Hall, Mrs. Pam
Hall, Sharon Warren
Halstrom, Mr. Fred
Hamilton, Anne N.
Hamilton, MD, Richisa
Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Lavonne (Donna)
Hampton, Mrs. Sara
Haney, Trellis
Harper, Congressman Gregg
Harper, Mrs. Delores
Harris, Jamie
Harris, Mark D.(Jennifer)
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Nan)
Harrison, Lisa
Harrison, Mrs. Joanne
Hawkins, Esq., John
Haxton, Mr. and Mrs. Ayres (Emily)
Hazlehurst Area Chamber of Commerce
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin (Cindy)
Henderson, Tom  
Hendon, Laura
Henley, Keri
Henley, Mr. and Mrs. Brand (Rita)
Henley, Mr. and Mrs. James W. (Jane)
Hennington, June
Hennington, Kay

Hensarling, Kathryn (Kitty)
Herman, Maury A.
Herrington, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (Joanne)
Hester, Catherine

Hightower, Rebecca
Hill, Janis
Hillman, Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Sandra)
Hinton, Ruth
Holleman, Esq., John
Hollingsworth, Joseph
Hollis, Scott and Marlo

Holloway, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. (Martha)
Holmes, Mr. Glen
Howard Wilson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Howard, Michael
Howard, Mrs. Robert (Bonnie)
Howell, Anna
Howell, Wendy

Humana -Denise Westerfield
Hunter, Hon. Seth M.
Inmon, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Jamie)
Irwin, Wayne
Jackson Legal Professionals
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Robin)
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy (Barbara)
Jackson, Nikittia S.

JAK Marketing
James, Mildred

Jarrell, Mary Claire
Jim Koerber Co., P A
Jobe, Jana
Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Randy (Vicki)
Johns, Mr. Johnny
Johnson, Ashley
Johnson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence (Nancy)
Johnson, Kayra
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Patricia)
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Nickey (Jackie)
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Linda)
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Wes (Jennifer)
Joiner, Mr. and Mrs. S. Dennis (Marsha)
Jonathan / West Jones High School
Jones, Brenda

Jones, Janet
Jones, J. Kizer
Jones, John Griffin
Jones, Pamela
Jordan, Dr. John H.
Joseph, Dr. and Mrs. Richard (Kathleen)
Kaufman, Mr. Robert David
Keating, Mrs. Jane
Keesler Federal Credit Union / Ms. Bobbie Young
Kelly, Kimberlea
King, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony (Deborah)
Kisselburgh Law Firm / Robert Kisselburgh
Kitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Kitts, Elise and John
Knight, Rusty
Knight, Williams

Knotts, Stephanie

Koeber, Sarah
Kopfer, Joseph
Korb, Dennyce
Krystal Gravel, Inc.

Lackey, Mr. and Mrs. Randy (Robin)
Ladner, Mr. and Mrs. John (Barbara)
Laird, Kristie
Lam, Hung / Nguyen, Ammie
Lamar, Mr. and Mrs. Ray (Patti)
Lamar, Mrs. Ina
Lamar, Shirley

Landrum, Carie
Lane, Mr. Samuel
Lang, Tina
Larkin, Esq., Tom L.
Larkin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed (Leslie)
Laskin, Rebecca
Laster, B. L and Ann
Latham, Carol

Lawrence, Jo Ann
Law, Nathan

Leake MHV Council/ Busy Bee Club
Lebanon Home and Garden Club

Lee, Anne
Lee, Claudette B.
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan (Amanda)